Episode 79: Obsession and Observation


My 4 year old son Christian is really into Star Wars at the moment. Not that he has ever seen the movies except for a few 5 – 10 min clips here and there.

But he knows the story…. because I have told him stories about it from Anakin to Luke to Rey.

He is very visual and has a vivid imagination. And because he can’t read yet – he learns by OBSERVATION.

The other day – he asked me to be Chewbacca…(actually he wanted me to scream like Chewy).

So just imagine me pretending to be like Chewbacca with my arms and body screaming on the top of my lungs ““grrrwaaaaaarggggh”
(Sorry – now try to erase that from your memory- and notice I didn’t post a video on this ?)

As I scared the living crap out of my wife who was in the kitchen at the time…(and after she picked herself off the ground…), she noticed something truly amazing…

When she was watching Christian, she noticed how Christian was watching me…

He was not only watching my face, but he was looking at me intently… up and down my body… taking in every little movement, gesture, sound, mannerism, and posture as I was pretending to be Chewy.

And when you consider how any of us learn to behave or act (in life, or in business) – it is often by R and D. In the innovation world – R and D stands for “Research and Development”. In the entrepreneur space – it is often referred to as “Ripoff and Duplicate.” (If you haven’t already – consider reading “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Kleon)

We learn to be great (or as a victim) by observation…

So if you want to succeed in business or in life – it would be wise to learn from people who you want to become but not just learn what they do, but how they think (and why they think they way they think.)

Then spend time to decipher HOW to put all of these traits, skills, strategies, and components to recreate the final result.

This is one of the reasons why I have been travelling the world in the last 10 years investing, studying and connecting with the best people in the business. Because they became the “best” in their field by observing, copying and implementing from other geniuses who were better than them at some point.

So the moral of the story…
It’s a ripple effect… so be careful who you observe.

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P.P.S. This post is a natural product of my thinking. The slight variations in spelling and grammar is my gift to you at no extra special charge. I believe it enhances my individual character and uniqueness, and in no way are they to be considered flaws or defects.

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