Episode 8: The Power Of One

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In This Video:

0:31 Meeting The Person Who Turned Me On To Chiropractic
1:10 What You Say Or Do Will Change The Life Of The Person You Speak To
1:52 Speak From The Heart
2:22 Go Out There And Spread Your Message

I’m here in Auckland, New Zealand and I just spoke yesterday at the Lyceum. What a great event! These Kiwis, man, they know how to put on a great show with a phenomenal line-up of speakers.

Something He Said Turned Me On To Chiropractic

One of the things I want to share with you is that Dr. Gerry Clum was on stage yesterday. He was just on after me. The most amazing thing is that I listened to Gerry about 16 years ago, just before I became a student of CMCC in Toronto. A chiropractor sent me a leaflet and said, “You’ve got to listen to this guy.” He was the first chiropractic speaker that I actually went to see. Sixteen years later, I got to share the same stage with him and it’s an incredible turn of events. Sixteen years and something he said turned me on to chiropractic.

What You Say Might Change Other People’s Lives

The reason why I’m doing these videos is because I want to share with you that: sometimes you will never know what you say or do will change the lives of the person next to you, or the person you speak to, or how the families you touched in your everyday practice. So what I want to say is that 16 years ago, Gerry made a difference in my life and look where it has gotten me to be full circle with him and be able to say thank you to him live on stage at the Lyceum.

I think you’re going to think about what you say everyday; you might think it’s insignificant. You might think it’s not worth telling the truth. But at the end of the day, you will never know what type of impact you are going to make on that particular person. Sometimes you will never know because they will never get the chance to say thank you.

One Person Makes Everything All Worth It

What I want to say to you is that everyday in practice, or every time you get up and do a speech or every time you shoot a video, you will never know whose lives you are touching. Every single time you do something, do it with truth and come from the heart because you are going to touch someone’s life. If you only change one person’s life, that’s all that matters. It does not really matter if you change a thousand people’s lives or a million people’s lives, but one person. It makes everything all worth it in your life.

Go Spread Your Message

I hope you go out there and spread your message — whatever it is, and I hope you spread the truth about what you believe, your principles, your pillars of what you believe and your philosophy.

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