Why there are no mirrors in Crossfit…

About a year ago, Taki Moore and I decided to take our exercise seriously… So we committed…To each other by joining Crossfit Athletics Mona Vale and to a time and schedule – minimal 3x/wk at 5:30am.

Are we addicted to it? Pretty close.

Why? We have had many discussion around this… And frankly there are many reasons.

But one insight that relates very well to YOU and your business is that there are No Mirrors in Crossfit.

Now there are probably many logistic reasons they do this… They pretty much use every inch of the “Box” (that’s what a Crossfit Gym is called for those who don’t know).

But I think the metaphoric reason that I take away from this is… It’s not about YOU (what you look like, how shredded you are, how big is your biceps…).

It is more about DOING the work while you are in the box.

Most people have the preconception of what a crossfitter looks like… But in our box – there are all types of people with all types of body shape and size.

Mirrors are like your diploma, your certification… It maybe important to you…

But what counts is the time you prepare (mobility / stretch), the skills you gain (strength), and working on the GRIND (the WOD – workout of the day) all the while being surround with like-minded people – (the community) and great mentors (the trainers and coach).

Forget the mirrors… Focus on the work. Day in day out. It’s about the people you help, the people you serve. That’s the payoff…(for the sweat and tears you out in).

Want to do succeed in 2016 – Set a mission, find a mentor to guide you and a community to support you. Then put in the WORK.

PS – special thank you to the Crossfit Athletics Mona Vale community (especially the 5:30 tribe) and to the trainers who make it happen – Sion Cousins, Natasha Kaz,Jen Thompson Matthew Forwood

P.P.S. This post is a natural product of my thoughts. The slight variations in spelling and grammar is my gift to you at no extra charge. I believe it enhances its individual character and uniqueness, and in no way are they to be considered flaws or defects.