Easier said than done

I am sure you have been asked or have asked yourself at some point this year….

“Are you ready to commit to an amazing 2016?”

It’s an easy “answer”… but I don’t care about WHAT you answer. It matters more on HOW you answer.

So before you answer this… I want you to really THINK about it.

“Committing” to something should be taken seriously. Like marriage – when one “commits” – it means to go “all in”, “in good and the bad times”. So before you COMMIT – are you willing to push through the hard times? Are you wiling to stay focus when things are not going your way? Are you wiling to stay the course when the odds are stacked against you?

Decide means to “kill off all options”… there is only one choice – the choice to eliminate all the alternatives.

A NEW LIFE requires a NEW YOU.

“In order for you to do something you have never done, you have to be someone you have NEVER been… You have to die as you are now, you have to wiling to give up who you are now to become who you want to become.” Les Brown

So before you DECIDE to COMMIT to create your greatest year…know what you are getting into, because these are not just words. If you say you are going to commit and don’t – then you are lying to yourself. And in the long run – you won’t even believe or trust yourself again.

I have decided to take an extra long time thinking about these thoughts this year. I wanted to process the emotions and the thoughts. Because I know that it is going to take DISCIPLINE. It’s challenging – but then again it is suppose to be. Who says it was suppose to be easy? If it was easy – then you would already have what you wanted.

So now….

Are you ready to Decide to commit (or not)?
And if you are – what are you committed to?

How you feel at the end of 2016 STARTS here… in your mind.

I look forward to meeting the NEW YOU.


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P.P.S. Oh by the way this post is a natural product of my thoughts. The slight variations in spelling and grammar is my gift to you at no extra charge. I believe it enhances its individual character and uniqueness, and in no way are they to be considered flaws or defects.