Episode 82: How To Stop Wasting Your Downtime



Have you ever asked yourself “What should I do during my downtime?”

What are you supposed to do when you’re not adjusting or seeing a client?

My answer to this is — You NEED to figure out how much downtime are you wasting. I actually have a worksheet for this. If you want, email me at laurence@driveyourpractice.com.

I tell you, I’ve had hundreds of chiropractors use this and after answering, they’ve found out they’re not utilizing 50% of their time. You need to know how much downtime you’re wasting so you know what to do and you can be strategic about it. This is not just for chiropractors. This is for everybody.

I highly suggest you watch the video to know some tips and tricks on how you can utilize your downtime.

Make every minute count. Don’t waste your time doing nothing.

Until the next tip of the week,



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