Episode 85: Ignore the Critics

I’m here at the US Grant in San Diego. It’s a very old building in downtown San Diego. This is the hotel where the first Comic Con was held. If you don’t know what that is, well, Comic Con is a convention for anything related to pop culture. Back in 1971, they were able to draw around 300 people.

Last year, Comic Con drew around 167,000 people. In a span of over 40+ years, they drew about 533% increase.

Let me put that in perspective for you. I want you to understand that Comic Con is a pop culture thing. It draws people of a certain tribe. What’s important here is that in 40 years, it had grown 533% to become what it is today.

Comic Con started with just an idea of 3 or 4 people who wanted to gather like-minded people. These people believed in the similar cause and have a similar idea. After 40+ years, Comic Con grew to be one of the biggest conventions in the world.

All I want to say is that an idea is just an idea until you take it to a tribe. It’s important for you to build a tribe. Have like-minded people surround you. Forget the people who don’t believe in you. Focus on the people who believe in what you can do and love what you have to offer. Stop worrying about the people who don’t believe in us chiropractors. Find people who love what we do and the service that we provide and you’ll have a tribe. They are the people who care about you.

Take your idea to your community and be the expert so you can help your community.


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