Episode 88: Why you need to be ICONIC

I’m here celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends, Taki Moore. It’s his 40th birthday and it’s a surprise birthday party on this beautiful boat where you can sort of see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge just right there.

I wanted to shoot this video because you can see the two beautiful places that Sydney is known for — the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

Did you know that the government wasn’t sure if they wanted to build the Sydney Opera House? They did not want to spend that much money. Good thing they did! Because after all these years, this is why people actually come here. People from all around the world come to Sydney to see this iconic building.

One of the key things here is about when you actually build something iconic or magnificent, people will come to you.

So let’s apply this back to business or life.

What is your iconic moment?

What is your iconic thing that people come to you for?

What is the thing that draws people to you?

This does not have to be on a global scale. It might be from your community’s perspective.

Have you built an authority that actually attracts the right people in your life, into your business or in your career?

Whatever that is, that wasn’t built in one day. Just like the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, it was built over years. The architect had to design it to that specification and they had to built it. They had to have money to fund it and all that, and it took time. But it all started with an idea.

The key thing is I would love to make you realize that you need to start with an idea.

Start with an idea.

Start building it.

It might take you years but i think it’s building something iconic in your life.

I mean you only have one life to live, right?

Build something iconic.