Episode 67: How to Bridge the Gap between you and your client?

I’m here in Newcastle. 

I’m sitting in the middle of the bridge that’s standing on both sides and that bridge, it creates a unity. Can both sides communicate? 

Well today, I’m going to talk about how you and your clients or prospective clients can unite? Because it’s no different.. The key thing is that we have to recognize and understand.  When a patient comes into, they will have a different point of view from you.

Your job is to understand and not to persuade — understand their point of view. Trust me,  you’ll have clients where you cannot persuade them at all because they’ve spent years developing that world of view and that 30min consultation will not change that.

Your purpose in the first consultation is to bridge that gap. You have to take their world view and your world view and understand them first.

Number two is to find the commonalities between the two and how you can effectively communicate the message. If you can’t, effectively communicate , there’s no way they’ll move forward.

Third and the most important step is to commit. Get commitment on the basis on what’s common between the two to move forward from there. 

  1. Understand the other point of view
  2. Find the commonality between your world view and their world view
  3. Get commitment based on the commonality of the two.

Once you do that, I think you’ll be able to  progressively move forward and form a symbiotic relationship between you and your patient that will help you progress simply because you listen to the other side of the story and find commonality.

I hope you got some value out of that.

How to bridge the gap between you and your client