Episode 28: Creating Your Art

We’re here at the Getty Museum. You can see Los Angeles in the background. It’s actually stunning and beautiful up here.


Taki, I love to hear your insights. I’m not a big arts person, I’m not sure if you are.

So what this means to you coming here?  What’s the first thing that popped into your mind?


I’ve been hit a whole bunch today: about the amount of work that’s been put in to, not just the artwork themselves, but the building, the place.

And I remember reading all these things about to Michael Gerber, who wrote the E-Myth. He was talking about the gas stations that were run like churches and churches that were run like gas stations and it re-inspired me with the idea of finding the art in your work and be the absolute damn best you can possibly be.


It’s beautiful isn’t it? It’s like the building itself that holds the art. The Building itself is an art.

Coming in here and just observing Monet and Van Gogh. It’s just amazing, it goes back to Seth Godin, who wrote about doing the work. And creating art just for the sake of creating art as an artist and I think each one of us is an artist. I think Seth Godin is right. We have our own art. You love doing videos, and I love doing videos. That’s maybe art.

And I think each one of you, whether you’re chiropractor or whoever watches this video, is an artist to a point.

But think about this: these guys they weren’t perfect every time. They just kept on pumping out the greatest art of all time.


Every piece was as good as it could possibly be for them at that time. Then they tried to beat it the next time.


Exactly! And guess what? Masterpiece came out of that. So I think the lesson here is to be able to for you to go and do your art. Do your thing. And go out there and and get better at doing your thing.


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