Every Second Counts

In a 10 sec race … every 1/100 seconds matters.

In a 32 hour journey – you wouldn’t think seconds or even mins would matter. But in this case, it did.

On my way home from Europe, I decided to fly back from Gibraltar (a British overseas territory on the southern tip of Spain) instead of Malaga, Spain. It was only an hour from where I held Nitro Intensive Spain, and I have never been to Gibraltar. (Besides, the flights worked out better as it flew into Heathrow Airport which was where I needed to make my connection home from London to Sydney without trying to navigate London traffic from Gatwick to Heathrow Airport.

This would have been the easier option… so I thought.

The morning began with a short trip to the top of Rock of Gibraltar and exploring the summit where wild monkeys of Gibraltar (Barbary Macaques) roam freely along the mountain top (videos of that adventure to come later…)

Then a quick descent down the mountain to start my 32-hour journey back to Australia.

This is where the adventures begin…
* Flights Diverted due to high winds (as you can see from the LIVE footage of the plane rotating as it tried to land that day)
* Transported to a new airport in Malaga, Spain
* 5 Hour Delay
* 1% chance of making my connection in London (When I landed – I was already 20 mins past the lastest check-in time for Sydney flight…)

But there was still a 1% chance.

What if that flight was delayed? What if?… that was my mantra for that period. As it was the only THING, I could control… actions that I could take.

This video was a snapshot journey of what happened that day…

Sometimes in life… every second counts. You just never know.