Fail with Me

We all strive for success.

Rarely do we strive for failure.

But maybe we are wrong.

Maybe we need to flip it.

Because the reality is “successful” people we admire fail often.

Successful people fail forward.

Failure is the constant in the path of success.

We just don’t talk about it much.

The hardest thing for me to teach my clients is to fail.

It’s hard to override that internal mechanism of not “wanting” to fail.

Because it feels bad. It looks bad.

But what if we flip the story… and see the path to “success” is to go through failure…

We might can get to our success faster.

Learn to fail forward.

In a couple of weeks, I am risking FAILURE.

I am taking a small group of chiropractors who are willing to fail with me.

Our goal is to increase their practice 20-30 visits / wk in 8-12 weeks.

Our objective is to work together as a group to achieve this goal.

There will be a bunch of failures. Guaranteed.

Because we will be getting you to do a few things at once and seeing what works and what fails.

This allow us to find a CLEAR path that works for YOU.

If you are interested… come join us. It’s only for 2-3 months. We only have a 1 (maybe 2) more spots left.

NB: You must be seeing 120 pts/wk to be part of it.

Fill in this quick survey:

And if I feel you are a right fit, I will contact you.

(Apologies in advance that I can’t accept everyone. It’s a small group and we are looking for certain criteria for this experiment.)

Either way… find something to FAIL at today.