False Perception

false perception

Some people have this false perception of me – that I have got my life all figured out…That I have a clear vision of my future and what my purpose in life is etc.

The truth is my future looks a lot like this picture of the hike we did today in Ireland.

It is more foggy than clear.

There are a small group of people that have a clear vision of their future, passion and purpose.

But most people don’t.

And that’s ok. You don’t need to figure it ALL out.

I am NOT clear. Far from it. In the past two years I have learned to let go of the expectation and the pressure to HAVE TO KNOW.

Instead I constantly remind myself the following:

1. Find and spend time with people (and more importantly yourself) who can ask the right questions and help you navigate through these discovery

2. Find a path and keep moving forward – one step at a time, little by little… and knowing it is the journey (the process) that matters more not the destination

3. Accept that sometimes there is no right answers, and you might never get the answers you want… but it shouldn’t stop you from DOING THE WORK.

Choose a path and keep moving along. You are not going to find what you are looking for standing still.