The Gazelle vs The Wolf

Last week I was fortunate to spend some time with Randy Kelley (former Navy Seal Sniper).

There was so much I learned from our conversation but a story he told stuck out for me as I observe what is happening in the Chiropractic profession at the moment.

Somewhere In the Serengeti, a lion prepares herself to attack a herd of gazelle… And when the time is just right…BOOM! She pounces…

As you would expect the herd of gazelle SCATTER, running in all directions, knocking into each other just to get away and…knowingly they just need to outrun their fellow gazelle.

In the meantime…

Somewhere in a forest (on the other side of the world), a brown bear takes a swipe at a wolf and knocks him to the ground.

Unlike the gazelles, the injuried wolf’s brothers and sisters turn and looks at the bear… And instinctively begin to ATTACK the lone predator in all directions to protect… FAMILY.

That is a Wolf Pack.

As a profession, we can be a bunch of gazelles or become a wolf pack (despite our egos, opinions and beliefs)…

I know where I belong – now it’s up to you to choose.

The future of the profession depends on the choice you make.

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