How to ATTRACT more Referrals in your Chiropractic Practice

In my practice, I had 94.7% of my New Patients were from referrals. I achieved this by doing 3 specific things well.

– Get Results
– Get Attention
– Give an Experience

Getting results is a given. You must create results for your patients… without this, there will never be a referral… ever.

Getting attention is one that no one ever thinks about. Attention is critical especially in today’s age. People need to know that you are a “trusted advisor” and they resonate with you, your values and what you stand for. In this video, I will show you the steps on creating this.

Give an Experience is what motivates someone to send you a referral. It is the ultimate thing that motivates someone to send you someone they care about.

There is a lot of reasons why people don’t refer… and it’s not because they don’t believe in you or the work you do… there is a lot of other psychological things at play which I will share on another video.

But for now… let’s focus on doing these 3 things well so you can attract greater referrals from your existing patients.