How to Deal with Rejection

Dealing with rejection is a painful experience.

No one likes it.

During the holidays, my kids began cleaning and clearing up their old toys and books. But instead of throwing away some of the high-quality stuff away, they decided to put some of these well-loved items into the marketplace (via FB) to recycle and learn to make some money.

While some of the items went online… we also taught them the value of “Upselling” when buyers came to pick up their purchases. The kids decided to create a mini-storefront inside our house to upsell buyers who might be looking for additional items.

That’s lesson #1: It’s much easier to sell to someone who is already in the market of buying what you are selling.

But like in real life… it’s not a 100%. Not even close.

Not everyone will purchase more than what they came for. 
We are not expecting it to be.

It’s meant for the exceptional few. 
It’s a number’s game.

But when they say “no”… the kids then have to face the second lesson during this process…

Lesson #2: Learning to deal with rejection.

It’s hard for a kid when someone rejects your offer. Hell… it’s hard as an adult as well. But the lesson that we have to teach our kids is…

They are not rejecting YOU… They are rejecting the offer. 
It has nothing to do with YOU. It has everything to do with the offer.

The offer might not be right for them. 
There was not enough value. 
It might not be the right time.

When we make it about YOU. 
Then it’s personal. That’s when it hurts.

PS. It doesn’t mean you don’t get better at perfecting your offer! When you realise that you can change, modify or upgrade your offer… that is lesson #3: Learn to communicate better in their VALUES.