How to Design your Practice so you can have the Life you want with Taki Moore

Everything is a Choice.

Choosing HOW you run your practice and LIVE your life is a CHOICE.
Having specific goals in your practice is a choice.
How much effort you put into it is a choice as well.

My good friend Taki Moore and I were walking on a beach last week talking about our lives.

Some call it “luck”.
Some call it “work”.
We call it “Design”.

Taki and his family have been living Nomad for the last 15 months travelling the world with no permanent home. How does he do it?


You need to design your practice with intention.
Yes, you need to WORK for it.
Yes, you need a bit of LUCK too.
But it starts with a DESIGN.

In this video, we talk about how to suck the “dead air” out of your practice so you can achieve more with less. You can WATCH IT HERE.

I will show you two tactics on how I “design” my practice seeing 300 patients a week personally working 3 days a week. It is two simple tactics that you can transform your practice.

Go and DESIGN your practice so you can have the LIFE you want.