I’m going to Prison

I’m going to Prison.

I grew up to do the “right” thing. Grew up on the ‘right’ side of the tracks. Always scared to do the ‘wrong’ things.

Maybe it was my upbringing. 
Maybe it is in my nature. 
Or maybe it was pure ‘luck’.

I have never brushed up against the law. Breaking the rules scares me. Police intimate me. (Hell… border securities at all airports scare me!).

I have never stolen anything, committed a crime or broke the law (well that’s a lie… speeding is breaking the law).

I know. I can feel the judgement already.

But there it is… “Judgement”.

I’m going to prison. Literally.

In a couple of days – I am going to KERN Prison just outside of LA along with 30 other entrepreneurs through an organisation called Hustle 2.0.

It’s called Prison Day. As a member of Mastermind Talks, Jayson Gaignard and Kandis invited us to participate in this powerful experience lead by Catherine Hoke.

Our purpose is to provide help, refine and develop ideas of “Mavericks” who happened to be incarcerated.

I’m going because I have fears and reservations in myself.

I’m going because of JUDGEMENT.

I have judgment on people that I don’t know. I have judgement on how others should or shouldn’t behave. I have judgement on those who have committed a crime or broke the law.

I am judging people defined for the WORSE thing they have ever done.

I am not proud of it. But I am trying to understand it.

How many of us judge others without the full context? 
How many of us judge someone doing something that we might have done ourselves if we were in their circumstances?

In my profession, we vilify those who might have made a mistake. We vilify those who might not believe what we believe. And I know I am one of them.

But if we are to advance as a profession… we must do bettter.

Living as a human being is complex. No one is infallible. It is easy to project how you would have behaved or done something.

I’m guilty for judgement. I do it everyday. Most likely in every moment.

I am trying to be better at it.