I’m so SCARED 😧!!!

“I’m so SCARED 😧!!!” is the most frequent comment you hear while you are waiting at the top of the bridge…

You see all kinds of emotion at the top. From the “Hell Yeah!!” to the “HELL NO!!!”

But the common emotion you can sense from everyone jumping is… FEAR. They might not show it… but everyone will have it. Some show it externally while some hold it in internally.

(Jumping off a bridge is NOT natural. Your lizard brain is meant to scream 😱 “Noooooo!!!”)

“I’m so scared!!!”

And… isn’t this the very reason WHY you are here?

If it wasn’t scary… you probably wouldn’t be standing here staring down 43 metres down to freezing 🥶 NZ water rapids below (while being strapped in by a stretchy rope)

The emotion of “FEAR” is the very reason why we are doing things like this… it the FEAR that we are trying to conquer that makes us stand here.

It’s a test of whether you can override that “lizard” part of your brain and say “Thank-You for the warning ⚠️… but I GOT this.”

The FEAR is what brings us together. It’s that fear that holds us back in our lives, business, relationships and goals.

We all have to make that LEAP at some point of our lives whether we like it or not.

I just rather be in CONTROL of it (rather than being forced to…)