Learning to be First Class

A few months ago, a group of us traveled down a winding road at night on the outskirts of Florence, Italy 🇮🇹

No lights. Just the moon 🌓 shinning its bright light guiding our way.

At the end of the road stood a castle 🏰 all lit up across an old bridge looking over a river.

We have arrived.

That night, I was taking my Nitro clients for dinner at a Michelin Star ⭐️restaurant.

I didn’t choose it to impress.
I didn’t choose it to be fancy.

I choose it to LEARN.

(Michelin Stars are only given to the BEST of the BEST restaurants in the world and I wanted my clients to experience WHY a restaurant gets to be honoured with a STAR ⭐️. )

It’s not just about the FOOD 🥘. It’s about EVERYTHING that enhances the experience of the food.

In this restaurant, there were some highlights:
* the size of the WINE 🍷 list which looked thicker than the bible
* The experience of how you should eat the food, for example, eating it from left to right on a certain dish allow you to experience the dish from salt to sweet. 
* The presentation of the dish representing the flavours you were experiencing
* To the staff taking out an IRON to remove the creases on the tablecloths…

Each of these are important elements to create the experience.

But are these experiences necessary?

Well that depends on the experience you are trying to create for your clients.

Are you merely focus on delivery the “product / service” or are you creating an EXPERIENCE when you deliver the “product/service”.

There is no right or wrong way.

It is more about your INTENT.

But if you wish to be exceptional… you have to deliver “out of the ordindary” surprises to delight the clients.

These are the thoughts that go through my mind when creating the Nitro Intensives… how do I BETTER the last experience.

Each intensive is unique based on its location.

Each experience is different based on the lessons I want to convey.

But what remains the same are the people who get to experience Nitro. They are all WORLD CLASS and deserves to get the “First Class” experience.

The moments leading up to next Intensive is always nerve wracking. Will it live up to the expectations, and the experience my wife Karen and I wish to create?

Only time will tell.

It is never perfect. We always strive to make each one better in some way.

Time to takeoff to NITRO SPAIN 🇪🇸 Intensive.

I hope they will like what we have waiting for them this weekend….