[Make Better Chiropractic Videos] Part 1: How to create videos that patients/prospect care about…

Videos can make or break your BRAND.

You do them poorly… people will be REPELLED by it rather than be ATTRACTED to you.

So you need to do it the RIGHT way.

We all know video is an important channel to get your message heard, get your brand recognized and to help build trust.

Why is shooting video so important? Well, because people SEE you, HEAR you and FEEL you through a video compared to written text or merely a picture of you.

It’s raw, and it’s real.

People want to know they resonate with you as a HUMAN first… Chiropractor second. #humanfirstchirosecond

So Part 1 of “Make Better Chiropractic Videos”, I will show you 3 key things you need to do BEFORE you even press “record”.

Make ONE of these mistakes… you will LOSE your connection with your audience.

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