New Beginnings

As our Facebook feeds in Australia be filled with pictures of you and your friends’ children growing up in front of our eyes as they attend their first day of school in the upcoming week… I think one thing is clear…

Time doesn’t stop for anyone.

As each minute past, they are changing, transforming and growing right in front of our very eyes…

Which means WE are too.

In school, they get to see PROGRESSION… They graduate each year (and if successful) moving to the next grade level in the following year.

But for us adults, life after school, we rarely measure ourselves in the same manner. Most of us have no measurement of progression, no exams to pass, no grade to move up to…

This leads to living a life in repeat (aka Groundhog Day).

How do we avoid this?

TRACK and MEASURE. Consider it like an Adults Report Card…

Choose to go after something you truly want… Work for it, reach for it, live for it. If there is something you want…go and claim it.

But more importantly – track and measure your success and your progression. Setup a ‘report card’ on yourself… So time just doesn’t slip away.

Before you know it… Your kids / grandkids will be adults too in the not so distant future.

New Beginnings

P.S. This post is a natural product of my thoughts. The slight variations in spelling and grammar is my gift to you at no extra charge. I believe it enhances its individual character and uniqueness, and in no way are they to be considered flaws or defects.