A New Way of Setting your New Year Goals


Today (and next few days), you will be seeing a bunch of posts and emails telling you how to set your goals and have the BEST year ever…
There is nothing wrong with it. In fact, I get it.

But before you set your goals or intentions for next year – I want you to consider this…

“We overestimate what we can achieve in a year and underestimate what we can achieve in a lifetime.” Tony Robbins.

How many years do we set out goals that we don’t achieve? But more importantly – how many goals do you create that don’t even make you happy?

By now, everywhere you turn you are greeted by people telling you to have a “Happy New Year”.

The key word being “Happy”.

If you are going to set goals – set at least ONE goal that will make you “HAPPY”!

ONE goal.

One goal you want to achieve just BECAUSE.

One goal that will make you feel sensational.

One goal that will make life joyful.

No expectations from anyone else.

No need to make anyone else happy – Just YOU.

No pressure to please another soul.

No guilt. No pressure. Just something that will make you HAPPY.

Consider this for BONUS points: Forget about the YEAR goal. Make it a 90 Day Goal.

Set one of your projects or goals in the next 90 days towards something that will give you happiness.

That’s how you can have a “HAPPY NEW YEAR”.

Enjoy the pursuit. I guarantee it will be a lot more fun.