No One wants to be Manipulated

The idea of Communication is NOT about “convincing”, “manipulating” or “selling” them into Chiropractic.

No one wants that. 
You don’t want that.

Communication is about “understanding”.

Understanding their needs and wants.
Understanding their fears and frustrations.
Understanding their pain and suffering.

How you do that is learning to LISTEN. Listening beyond the words. Seeing beyond what they are saying and appreciating their WORLDVIEW.

We all have a view of the world that is uniquely ours. Our own individual worldview usually centres on ourselves.

The art of communication can rotate that worldview to see the world where your CLIENT is the centre of the universe.

Seeing it from their point of view.

Seeing the joy that they see… and the pain they endure.
Seeing the things that bring them happiness… and what brings them frustration.
Seeing what drives them… and makes them tick.

When you can appreciate that every human being has their own point of reference, their own worldview then we have a better chance to introduce the value of Chiropractic into their world and life.

Human First. Chiropractor Second.