Overnight Success

One of the challenges we face in the modern age is that we only usually see RESULTS from people… and what we never see is the work, the grind, the hustle, the discipline, the sacrifices that the person took to get there.

To achieve success as an expert, business owner, entrepreneur, practitioner, chiropractor, father, mother, friend etc, etc, etc…it takes TIME and EFFORT.

Stay focus in the grind, know your “WHY” and keep it close to you and tug at itwhen you need it the most (when you are struggling in the trenches.)

If you truly want to STAND OUT and be heard – then go for it. Stand UP and speak… we are listening.

You get to CHOOSE YOURSELF. You have all the platforms and channels at your disposal to connect with your tribe… go and use it.

Here is an example… (and I hope we can connect in at least one or more of these platforms and channels in the next 6 weeks – but more importantly I hope it serves you in some way)…

LIVE Now (Online): “What hard work really means” – Rise Up for You Podcast Episode #35 where I was interviewed by Nada Lena. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Weekly (Online) – The Wellness Guys Show

Fortnightly (Online) – Inside the Champion’s Mind

Feb 4th (Victoria) – The Wellness Experience (Yarra Valley – Sold out)

Feb 5-7 (Victoria)– The Wellness Breakthrough – Victoria (along with Damian KristofBrett HillMarcus PearceKale BrockCarren SmithJo WhittonKim Morrison) – www.thewellnessbreakthrough.com

Feb 8 -14th (Online) – The World Chiropractic Summit I am excited to be part of 33 Chiropractic greats created by Angus Pyke and Tony Rose – Watch it online here: http://bit.ly/1TBY7WA

Feb 19-20th (Brisbane) – Dynamic Growth Congress organised by ASRF, Billy ChowRoley Cook and rest of the amazing team – I will presenting along with other National and International Chiropractic greats – make sure you register at: https://spinalresearch.com.au

March 5th (Gold Coast) – Raw Chiropractic – I will be speaking at this event created by Scott Vatcher and Trent Headlam – register here:www.rawchiro.com.au/rawchiro2016 (And if you want to have 25% off – then you can use the code “driveyourpractice”)

March 11-13th (Sydney) – Nitro Expert Intensive (Private Clients only)

March 19-20th (Auckland, NZ) – Practice and Beyond Expert Intensive organised by NZCC Alumni. You can find out more here:www.practiceandbeyond.com

I hope to connect with you soon.

I am an overnight success… 20 years in the making (and counting)…

P.S. This post is a natural product of my thoughts. The slight variations in spelling and grammar is my true gift to you at no extra charge. I personally believe it enhances its individual character and uniqueness, and in no way are they to be considered flaws or defects.