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It is TIME to Take Control of Your Practice

There is never a time to be a 'passenger' or a 'backseat driver' in your own practice... the time is now to take full control of the steering wheel of your destiny. Buckle up...let's START your engines!


  1. Make Better Chiro Videos Part 3: Content is King

    The first question I always get when it comes to making videos is… “What’s camera are you using? or What equipment do I need to buy?” In this video, Kale Brock and I discuss why you are asking the WRONG question. We are also discuss: – Why Content is King – Equipment is useless if […]


  2. Convincing the Unconvinced

    Frankly is a WASTE OF TIME and energy. We spend more time trying to convince others of something they don’t want. In our profession, we are focusing on the wrong people. There is a KEY group of people that needs to hear from you. Spend them on convincing them. It can change the profession for […]


  3. Why “Following Your Passion” is BAD advice

    We often talk about “Purpose”… and ask if what we are doing is fulfilling that PURPOSE. There are 2 questions you need to ask yourself…. 1. Is what I am pursuing calling to my “soul”?.. it is PULLING me towards it? 2. Am I willing to PUSH to get there? or am I pushing uphill? […]


  4. Who are the HEROES of Chiropractic

    Chiropractors are the “minorities” in the Health Care Profession. We are not well-represented and this is a discussion of being a “minority” and how the lack of representation can affect our self esteem and confidence. Background Context: The movie 🍿 “Crazy Rich Asian” really impacted me. In a way that I never expected.. and I […]