I’m back on the plane this morning to Melbourne after only coming back to Sydney during the storms the other night. I was only back in Sydney for less than 36 hours before I have to head back to Melbourne today.

But I made a promise.

I promised my daughter Kaia that I would be here to watch her receive her Merit certificate. In the big scheme of things – the presentation was probably not a big deal… But it was a BIG deal for her.


But here’s the thing – how many times have we MADE a promise to OURSELVES that we didn’t keep?

I am very guilty of this. It is often easier to fulfilll a promise to someone else than it is to ourselves. Why is that?

Why are we ok to let ourselves down but will move heaven and earth to make good on a promise to someone else?

I wonder how our life would be different if we make good on the promises we tell ourselves?

Maybe it’s time
– to finish that project?
– to eat healthier?
– to start that exercise program?
– follow that passion?

Whatever it is, maybe it’s time fulfill those promises.

Because it is a BIG DEAL for you.