Secret Handshake


Today I received my platinum card. It’s a card they give you when you have flown a certain amount of times and distance in a calendar year. I have flown a lot this past year.

Some for work. Some for me.

(It’s a status thing. I get it. But hear me out.)

Unfortunately, as 2016 almost came to an end… I was about one flight short of reaching platinum status. One FLIGHT!

But I contacted Qantas and management decide to UPGRADE me to the Platinum club anyways. For this I want to thank-you #Qantas.

Some of you reading this might not care. Nor should you. But there are about a handful of you that truely understand what this means.

It’s like our secret handshake. No words need to be spoken. Just a simple nod of acknowledgement will do. Because we understand each other.

It is like hearing “Keyser Soze” – you know the brilliance of The Usual Suspect.

Or watching the scene with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga in “Up in the Air” where they are upping each other with their frequent flyer cards… you get it.

For those are still reading this and have no freaking idea what I am going on about (but somehow you are still reading…), the lesson here is:

Don’t worry about trying to build something for everyone. Build something significant for your tribe you care about. The little things to everyone else… it is a BIG thing to your tribe.

It is your shared bond. Your secret handshake. Your community.

(For those in my tribe, they understand Asian Fusion over steak and potatoes, Experience over service, Luxury boutique vs stock standard, Sports over Research papers, and quality over quantity – we all have something we stand for. Go and create something unique to your tribe – just know not everyone will get it. Because they won’t. Nor should they. And that’s the POINT.)