Set Point: Please stop the swaying…


It took me about a day or so being on the boat to get used to the rocking and swaying of the ocean sea.

And after two days back on solid ground, I am still adapting back to being on LAND.

For the last two days, when I stand still… I feel like I am moving. Swaying back and forth like I was on a boat.
When I went to Crossfit yesterday morning, when I was running, doing wall balls, or doing burpees – I was swaying.
It’s a weird feeling.

But I know the ‘swaying’ will pass. (I hope.)

My body adjusted to being on the sea and the rocking of the boat – creating a new “SET POINT”.
Now my body just need to re-adjust itself to being on land (where it doesn’t move) and create a new “SET POINT”. Unfortunately, it just takes time.

In life, we want these things to occur RIGHT NOW. Set a goal – let’s see the results this minute! Wanted something to change… why hasn’t it already – it should have happened yesterday!

We know that this is impossible – yet we expect the impossible.
“Set Points” take time to set and/or re-set.

If you want your life to be different next year, you need to create a new “Set Point”. But recognise that it will
take time for you to reset to reach that point. So start creating the actions that will cause your body to reset.
That means you need to get uncomfortable. To create a new “set point”, you have to throw yourself off balance. You need to create a new level of comfort.

And it starts with you. Start the new year by placing yourself in a new environment. Challenge yourself to be uncomfortable.

Create your new “Set Point” to work from in 2017.