Stop Chasing Tactics

It’s December 8th, 2013.

I am freezing my ass off… while wearing four layers of clothing standing inside Candlestick Park in San Francisco watching SF 49ers play its arch rivals Seattle Seahawks.

It was so cold that day, the Red and Gold Faithful fans stood the entire game jumping and cheering to stay warm.

This is San Francisco weather. It digs deep… into the soul.

This was 5 years ago. (Just look at how much my daughter has grown in those 5 years…)

And this also marked the last time the SF 49ers beat the Seahawks (I still remember the play where Frank Gore ran for 51 yards down the field with less than 2 mins to play to set up the game-winning field goal!)

It’s been downhill ever since…

After that game, they have played each other 10 times. And 49ers have lost 10 times. 0-10.

This season has been a mostly a write-off. Losing their top QB and RB early in the season… it’s easy for the team to just give up. It’s easy to just “tank” the entire season for a better draft position for next year.

But that’s not what “Champions” do.

In life, business, and practice… it’s easy to just give up when the odds are stacked against us. It’s easy to just give up.

Like the Niners, you might have had a few bad seasons. A few rough patches.

But you do have a CHOICE.

A choice to REBUILT your business or do NOTHING and let it wither away into obscurity.

It’s a CHOICE.

You don’t win championships with a few tactics or few trick plays. You win champions by building a winning CULTURE.

It’s about getting people to buy into the PROCESS. The process of 1% improvements.

The great former 49ers Coach Bill Walsh once said… “Before you become Champions, you must ACT like Champions.”

It starts with you.

2019 is a new year. How are you going to SHOW up? Are you playing to win a game or are you playing to build a DYNASTY?

The 49ers won yesterday against the Seahawks… breaking the 10 game losing streak. They made it harder for the Seahawks to clinch a playoff spot. They didn’t have to win as there was nothing at stake.

But I believe they did. They had to act like Champions.

Only time will tell… we will see what the next 5 years will bring.

I can help you become a Champion in your practice. Message me if you are ready to SHOW UP next year. I am ready to bring the BEST in you.