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  1. Episode 54: Why Your Low-Level Strategies Won’t Work At The Top

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    I’m here in Hobart, right here at the wharf and see the sensational harbour.

    Today, I took my family at the top Mt. Wellington. You can see it up there at the top. It’s pretty high up there. I think it’s 1.25km above where Hobart is.

    What’s interesting about that is that it’s about 24 degrees here in Hobart and up there is about 10 degrees lower.  It was about 13 or 14 degrees. It was really, really windy. if you’re wearing a tshirt in hobart, when you get to the top, it’s like winter. Hats on and Beanies on. The wind was really strong up there and it was pretty cold.

    It’s amazing how the climate changes in just a 20minute drive up to the top. It’s a beautiful place. Panoramic. 360 degrees.

    It reminded me of a couple of scenarios. It reminds me how chiropractors, where you start from where you are and whatever things you’ve learned, try or did, elevates your practice. You ump to the next level. When that happens, you’ve got to remember that the difficulty or ceiling capacity or what you needed and how the landscape is is completely different from where you started. You’ve changed. You’re different. You’ve also got to remember what got you to the top. It may or may not be the same type of thing that would get you to the next level.

    When the climate changes at the higher level, it’s important to remember that there are other rules and other things that you need to consider and the climate will change rapidly and you need to adapt to it quickly. It means that at the top, when the environment changes, or you’re doing better than before, it’s time to try a different strategy.

    You need to hire different mentors and learn different things. As society changes, like right now,Facebook has changed how we market. Social media has changed the way how we communicate with each other. Websites have changed and if you can’t continually adapt, it’s going to be really difficult. 

    As it the rains here, the environment can change very, very rapidly so you have to adapt.

    What I’m trying to say is as you progress as a chiropractor and progress to different levels and you get better and better and you scale, just remember: what got you there to that level may not be the same strategies that will get you to the next level. You might need to change the game. Grab different mentors. Change your strategy.. It’s totally different out there. You need to consider and reevaluate your situation and play a different game to get you to the next level.

    Go check out 2XPIntensive that I’ll be doing in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and UK. It’s a one day intensive where I show you the top strategies on how to attract clients and how to convert them using an easy communicative matter where there’s no selling involved. 

    It’s about doubling your practice, passion and purpose.

    Why your low level strategies wont work at the top

  2. Episode 41: How Do You Stand Out

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    I am here in Dubai, one of the last leg of my trip.  I’m actually at the beautiful Atlantis Hotel, which is what you can sort of see at the background and it’s right actually in the palm as you can tell it’s just ocean there. That palm is a manmade land that looks and is shaped like the palm and there are apartment buildings here and a whole bunch of things. But more importantly, there is this beautiful hotel in the background. It’s got a massive water park. It’s huge & sort of like a cornerstone of this particular place of Dubai and lots of people come here and visit.

    The reason why I wanted to show you Atlantis is because obviously Atlantis is one of those places that are built to stand out above the rest of any of the other hotels that are here. Dubai is famous for amazing structures and hotels. The tallest building is here. There is a 6-7 star hotel and the Atlantis is one of those featured attractions and you can start to see a lot of people over here, tour buses and stuff just kind of stand out here at night time just to take a picture of this. Beautiful!

    So the reason why I’m showing you this is because I think there are many ways to stand out to kind of attract people to your practice in anything that you do. And I thought for you, do you have to be the biggest and the tallest and the most expensive?Of course not! That is one way to attract people.

    There are also other ways in doing that. Do you deal only with kids? Do you deal only with sports people? Do you deal only with a certain type of group in the target market? Whatever it is, I think that it’s very important that you create a niche for yourself- a target market that you serve or are known for.

    Cirque de Soleil- if you read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy”… they were able to create a strategy that only is unique to them. They were just like a circus but no animals. They’re still in a circus tent but they utilize. You know the Canadian inventor utilized either the same type of feeling of a circus but utilized human performers to create a massive franchise and Cirque de Soleil is one of the biggest franchise in the world, making millions of dollars because they were unique and because what “blue ocean strategy calls” . They create a “blue ocean” or something that is unique to them. That is very similar to circus but a completely different huge market place that they own because they started that market place. So what is the one thing that you could stand out for? One thing that you can do? That you want to be known for? The Wellness Guys for example. Well, although it’s not the only podcast that’s out there but three years ago, it was one of the very few podcasts out there on wellness but also from a chiropractic point of view. Three chiropractors: Damian, Brad and I created a wellness show that is dedicated just for wellness. It’s one of the unique things that’s done by chiropractors.

    What is the one thing that you want to stand out for and be known for and how can you market it to the prospective clients that you’re looking for? And that’s going to create a uniqueness about you and I think that it’s one way to stand out above the rest, among the competition or the people around you or the practices next door to you. So that’s just my say of the week here at beautiful Atlantis. I hope you’re enjoying the views.

    How do you stand out

  3. Episode 40: Don’t Be Stuck in the Past

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    I’m here at Trafalgar Square in the middle of London. As you can tell, it’s pretty busy over here and what’s really interesting is that I’m in London for the last couple of days. I haven’t been here in over 14 years or so and it’s really interesting to look around the city and hanging around with the family. We’ve gone to see the tower of London.

    What’s really cool about it is that there is a lot of culture and a lot of history in this place. Lots of buildings that have been around for such a long time and not only that, there is also a lot of new things. A lot of new buildings along with old buildings. I like that because London has maintained its history, its heritage but also embraced the new technology and also the new changes ahead but also embracing the past.

    I think in practice, in chiropractic, I think it needs to do that. It’s not the craziness or the business around here but it’s also about embracing the philosophy and the principles that have stood the test of time within chiropractic and among that, though it’s not about just giving away those principles just because things are changing but also adapting and adding new things to make those principles stronger. I think that’s the key thing — to really make sure that we’re actually keeping the key principles by using new technology to help us grow our practice.

    That’s the key question you need to ask yourself. Obviously if you don’t have a website and there’s got to be something wrong so you’ve got to have the website.

    Are you using social media to interact with your clients?Are you using the new medium of podcasting or anything else?

    Are you using all those types of things to really engage your audience?

    Are you using Pinterest? Are you using pictures?

    Whatever method that you choose to do all you need to do is just make sure you do it.

    Are the posters in your office dated back to the 1990s or are they actually updated to the new versions? How is your logo and branding and your paperwork in your practice? How do you talk to them? Do you talk to them in old language? Are you utilizing new analogies that are making sense to the world that we live in today?

    We live in a very, very fast paced world as you can tell around me here. In your practice, people are changing as well. People are changing the way they talk. The society has changed. It’s really important that we start to embrace that technology, embrace the new change that’s actually happening in the world because they’re talking differently, the kids are talking differently. The adults are changing because they grew up in the age of the internet age and the Gen Y and the Gen I.  We’ve got to embrace that but also not giving up the principles and not giving up the past and the history of what chiropractic stands for.

    I think we can do both and London is a perfect example of a city that has embraced both. They kept their culture, kept their heritage that makes London special but also at the same time have really engaged to the highest technology and this is the hub for a lot of tech companies now outside Silicon Valley which is really important that you start looking at that.

    If you want to look at technology and you want to look at how you can embrace this new marketing stuff and you’re looking for some people to actually help you embrace that and actually hang out with people within a really strong group (which I call Nitro ) who are using a lot of email marketing techniques, Facebook techniques, and utilizing and sticking to some fundamental foundations and helping them grow into practice.

    You should come check us out by going to joinnitro.com and see if I can help you build your practice.

    Don't be stuck in the past


  4. Episode 39: Are You A Picasso or Van Gogh?

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    It’s pretty exciting here! Just a day before my Practice Like A Pro Intensive in Europe and I thought I ought to share with you a couple of things. Now, you could see the famous trams in Amsterdam right behind me.

    One of the key things is that you need to understand is that I just came from Barcelona. Barcelona, obviously, is famous for Picasso and Amsterdam is famous for Van Gogh. Both Picasso and Van Gogh were successful artists in a sense as they actually sold a lot of art that was worth a lot of money.

    They are considered to be two of the top artists in terms of the most expensive art that has s ever been bought in regards to auction in the world. But they lived a very different life and let me explain to you what I mean.

    They lived a very different life in a sense that Van Gogh really was very poor and he died penniless. Unfortunately his art and his genius were not recognized until he actually passed on. Picasso was actually famous while he was alive and he was very rich because of the art that he was able to sell during his lifetime whereas Van Gogh, art was not appreciated until after his death.

    The point is this that the difference between Picasso and Van Gogh, the two most prolific artists in the world, Van Gogh died penniless and that’s not really necessary because even though you are a genius, even though you have places where geniuses actually start to affect you, you can still really make an impact. But if no one recognizes it, then you’re not going to get paid for it and unfortunately there is no relevancy.

    What does it have to do with chiropractic?

    Well here is what it has to do with chiropractic. So, you might be the smartest and the best chiropractor, or the most skilled in terms of what you do, but if no one knows about you and about what you have to offer, then pretty much no one can actually benefit from the things that you actually are able to provide for them. So, I think it’s really important that you recognize that not only do you need to have the skills,  the resources, and that you’re great at what you do, but you also have to have the people who actually desire what you want and Picasso is a clear example of what that is.

    So I think it’s really important for you to recognize that when you have genius, it’s important to actually hang around or focus on the people who actually want your services. If there’s no one who wants your services, then your genius is actually lost.

    So, I think I hope you learn something from that. The main thing I want to say is you’ve got to find the people who actually want your services as a chiropractor. Start talking to people who want your services rather than talking to people who don’t want it and argue about it.

    I hope you learned a lot the difference between Picasso and Van Gogh. Picasso like I said had a network of people who wanted his art that’s something that’s really important.


    Are you a picasso or van gogh

  5. Episode 37: Know The Impact You Are Making

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    I’m actually here in Camp Nou in Barcelona, which is the home stadium of the Barcelona Football Club. As you can see around me, it’s a massive stadium. I’m here enjoying the ground level of the stadium and we got a tour of the stadium. Actually, I don’t watch any soccer or football, but here I am at the football stadium because I think it’s really important to appreciate sports in general. I think it’s important to look at the sports’ discipline, the amount of people and the dedication of the sports and what the athletes have to put together to actually create a sport.

    You know what’s interesting here is that the stadium is about 80 thousand people and you can still see around me there is over 80 thousand seats. When I was sitting at the stadium, I realized there were a couple of things. One is the impact that I felt because there is a lot of people and I can see that these people are here to entertain and play the sport.

    Individually, I have actually seen twice of  the amount of people in this stadium which is pretty humbling to be able to know I have made that many impact, done many adjustments in my lifetime but also the amount of impact I was able to create in that period of time, which is 12 years. It’s humbling to look at what 80 thousand seats look like. And I’ve actually done twice that amount of adjustments and it really created the impact. I just wanted to say that I think it’s important once in a while to know that you’re actually putting yourself in a position where you are actually creating an impact on people’s lives. It’s really cool to be able to know that you made a huge impact on people’s lives by being in a position and feeling the humbling effect of how many lives you could actually touch.

    So listen, I just think that once in a while we need to put in perspective that when we are adjusting people we are actually impacting people lives and I hope that you get a lot of value just by knowing that once in a while you know that your life, your adjustment, your skills. Every day in practice and every adjustment you make is making an impact on someone’s life and I think that’s important to know that.


    know the impact you are making