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  1. Episode 22: All In The Details

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    You’ll see right here is Frodo’s house. The oak tree at the top is obviously from the book. What they’ve done is that they recreated the tree because the real oak tree died. As the original tree died, they took lots of pictures and recreated the tree. This tree on top of the house is actually a fake tree but it looks authentic. Everything in this movie set is so authentic to the moss. The rocks are actually fake as well. But it looks so real! 

    What I got from walking around here is that HOW AUTHENTIC is our practice in terms of every little thing? Is it congruent to what you do and the message you are trying to convey?

    My good friend, Jamie Richards — my co-host in My Practice Rules, talked about having a quarterly audit to see if there’s any little thing that is incongruent to your practice. The lesson we can learn here is that is everything in your practice congruent to the message you are trying to convey? Do you have pictures that shouldn’t be there because they are from the 1960s? What matters is that everything in your practice should be congruent to the message you are trying to convey.