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  1. Winning the 1%

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    The first question I ask on all my calls with my clients is:

    “What are your WINS since that last time we spoke?”

    On this particular call last week, one of my clients was thinking about this question for a bit, named a few significant “wins” and then proceeds to say nonchalantly… “Oh!… I saw 300 pts/wk last week and on pace again this week.”

    Um… ok! Why didn’t you lead with that!?!

    To fully appreciate this… you have to know that he was seeing a low of 180 pts/wk about 8 weeks ago. 180 to 300 in 8 weeks with little or no marketing. (That’s 167% growth…).

    Because these are just numbers to us. We don’t chase “numbers” in Nitro. The growth in practice is NOT the only thing my clients seek… it’s the growth in themselves that we are after. The numbers take care of themselves when we focus on Mindset, Service, Strategy and Experience. The rest will follow.

    I know what you are going to ask… how did he do it? What did he do?

    He accomplished this without any significant marketing or special promotions. So if you are looking for “tactics”… you would be disappointed.

    Too many people are chasing the “next” tactic. They are spending too much time on the “next” thing without BEING PATIENT. They are giving up too quickly and looking for a quick score.

    Long-term growth doesn’t happen that way.

    Here’s what you need to take away from his success…
    1. It’s never about ONE thing…. it’s about everything you do. The little things. The 1%. Doing all of those 1% makes an incremental impact in every aspect of your business. He asked for more referrals, improve CA communications, improves systems etc.)…

    2. Time Frame – we often look at what someone does in a particular time frame (in this case 8 weeks). That would be inaccurate. It is what my client and his team started to do BEFORE the growth period. It was the 8-12 weeks (or more) BEFORE the growth period that got him there. Focus on the work… and the results will come.

    3. Team Effort – one of the most significant factors in this transformation was “letting go”. In his case, he let go of an associate 3 months ago that wasn’t the right fit to the practice and recognising that he had to fix the “culture” of his team. He organised an “offsite” team meeting for a day and refocused, reset, and reposition their vision. This is the result of that decision. It provided greater CLARITY and focus.

    4. ACTION – My client is quiet and humble. He made a decision and put his head down and just WORKED. He is also a family man with kids, so it’s more about working effectively and efficiently with the time he has got. He focused on SERVICE and focused on ACTIONS he had to take. He wasn’t distracted by what was happening around him, he focused on what was in front of him.

    In our Nitro Tribe, we often share WINS (Personal and Professional) like this weekly. We celebrate quietly within our community…because we are all aiming to achieve something greater within ourselves which is BEING the BETTER VERSION of ourselves.

    If you are ready to PLAY at a higher level… let‘ s talk.

    Right now…
    We are looking for Chiropractors who are ready to PLAY BIGGER… If this is YOU… Read on.

    We help Chiropractors grow professionally and personally. Period.

    That’s what we are obsessed about. Grow YOU and YOUR PRACTICE. Fast.

    We are looking for the right chiropractors in a few cities right now who want to grow their practices fast.

    We only work with a particular type of chiropractors… to see if you would be eligible, fill out the application below, and we will reach out and see if you are a good fit.


    [Some of the Qualifications include:]
    1. Ability to take on new clients quickly
    2. Ready to invest in Growth now
    3. Must give excellent service to clients (non-negotiable)


  2. Episode 40: Don’t Be Stuck in the Past

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    I’m here at Trafalgar Square in the middle of London. As you can tell, it’s pretty busy over here and what’s really interesting is that I’m in London for the last couple of days. I haven’t been here in over 14 years or so and it’s really interesting to look around the city and hanging around with the family. We’ve gone to see the tower of London.

    What’s really cool about it is that there is a lot of culture and a lot of history in this place. Lots of buildings that have been around for such a long time and not only that, there is also a lot of new things. A lot of new buildings along with old buildings. I like that because London has maintained its history, its heritage but also embraced the new technology and also the new changes ahead but also embracing the past.

    I think in practice, in chiropractic, I think it needs to do that. It’s not the craziness or the business around here but it’s also about embracing the philosophy and the principles that have stood the test of time within chiropractic and among that, though it’s not about just giving away those principles just because things are changing but also adapting and adding new things to make those principles stronger. I think that’s the key thing — to really make sure that we’re actually keeping the key principles by using new technology to help us grow our practice.

    That’s the key question you need to ask yourself. Obviously if you don’t have a website and there’s got to be something wrong so you’ve got to have the website.

    Are you using social media to interact with your clients?Are you using the new medium of podcasting or anything else?

    Are you using all those types of things to really engage your audience?

    Are you using Pinterest? Are you using pictures?

    Whatever method that you choose to do all you need to do is just make sure you do it.

    Are the posters in your office dated back to the 1990s or are they actually updated to the new versions? How is your logo and branding and your paperwork in your practice? How do you talk to them? Do you talk to them in old language? Are you utilizing new analogies that are making sense to the world that we live in today?

    We live in a very, very fast paced world as you can tell around me here. In your practice, people are changing as well. People are changing the way they talk. The society has changed. It’s really important that we start to embrace that technology, embrace the new change that’s actually happening in the world because they’re talking differently, the kids are talking differently. The adults are changing because they grew up in the age of the internet age and the Gen Y and the Gen I.  We’ve got to embrace that but also not giving up the principles and not giving up the past and the history of what chiropractic stands for.

    I think we can do both and London is a perfect example of a city that has embraced both. They kept their culture, kept their heritage that makes London special but also at the same time have really engaged to the highest technology and this is the hub for a lot of tech companies now outside Silicon Valley which is really important that you start looking at that.

    If you want to look at technology and you want to look at how you can embrace this new marketing stuff and you’re looking for some people to actually help you embrace that and actually hang out with people within a really strong group (which I call Nitro ) who are using a lot of email marketing techniques, Facebook techniques, and utilizing and sticking to some fundamental foundations and helping them grow into practice.

    You should come check us out by going to joinnitro.com and see if I can help you build your practice.

    Don't be stuck in the past


  3. Episode 20: Progression not Perfection

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    I’ve been very excited and very fortunate to be able to hangout this weekend with my Nitro Intensive group. We were in Sydney for two days, focusing on building our marketing plan and funnel for our practices.

    It’s amazing to be able to hangout with A-Players, meaning they are committed to their actions, to their progress and to their practice. And also making sure that they are doing the necessary things to make sure their practice is successful.

    I’ll give you an example. We had so many wins over the last past quarter, from people who have doubled their practices or had over 80 new patients just from the marketing plans they have created in the last three months. We are actually helping them evolve, tweak and design new marketing plans so they could get new patients in their funnel.

    An example of this is Paul Huey. Paul is a phenomenal chiropractor. He left the practice he was in because he was not happy and moved to a new country town with his wife and bought a practice that was seeing about 35 patients a week and grew it (in six weeks time!) OVER 343%. That’s amazing! All with integrity and all with doing the things that’s necessary to get to where they need to go.


    Three Things Nitro Chiropractors Have In Common

    Let’s take Paul’s example and all the other Nitro chiropractors. They have three things in common. First is that they all have a vision where they want to go. They know what they want to achieve. Second is that they knew where they started from. Not everybody is starting the same way. Some are just starting a practice, while others are still associates. Some already have a successful practice and they just want to take it to the next level.

    It’s about knowing where you want to go. Evaluate where you are: what are your skills sets, what are you doing right now, what are you not doing well Third is basically creating a path from where you are and where you want to go. And then, taking all the action steps. The key lesson in this is progression not perfection.


    Progression is better than perfection

    Dan Sullivan says that “progression is better than perfection” simply because most chiropractors stall in their practice because they are thinking about the whole picture. They are thinking about the whole staircase, from where they are and where they want to go. They dreamboat the vision, but they never actually want to take the staircase because the path of the staircase itself is too scary.

    Don’t look at the whole staircase

    One of the key things that successful chiropractors within the Nitro group has done is that they do not look at the whole staircase.  They just look at the first step. That’s what Martin Luther King said. Don’t focus on the whole staircase. Focus on the next step. Taking the next step to progression is worrying about what is the next hurdle in front of me and what do I need to progress and move forward to get to my dreams.

    Always evaluate yourself from what you did today. Am I moving forward towards my dream compared to yesterday? That is the difference between Nitro chiropractors and chiropractors who are not successful. It’s about progression. It’s the speed of implementation: how  quickly you can implement the strategies and skills.

    Hope this video will help you evaluate where you are in your practice and what stalls you in getting the success you deserve and the growth in your practice.

    If you’re interested in Nitro, you can’t register anywhere. You have to apply. If you are seeing at least a hundred patients a week, is committed and serious about getting some progression your practice and actually achieve you dreams, then send me a message at laurence@driveyourpractice.com and let’s have a conversation and see if Nitro fits you.

    If you like this video share this with your friends and colleagues. Go to driveyourpractice.com and sign up because there’s something special coming in the next couple of weeks.

    Check out MY PRACTICE RULES, the new podcast for chiropractors.



  4. Episode 19: Why Marketing Is So Important

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    I’m with my great friend, Taki Moore, and we’re in Santa Monica, LA. One of the reasons why I brought him on here is because he is THE Marketing Genius. He is one of the top guys in marketing, not just in Australia, but ACROSS THE WORLD.

     Why is marketing very important?

    The answer is really really simple. If you look at all the top business people, there are two things that they’ll keep control of. The key to a successful business is delegation BUT there are two things you should not let go of. First one is the CHECK BOOK. Second is the MARKETING. This is because check book is MONEY OUT, and marketing is MONEY IN.

    If you think about it, it’s almost like giving up control on breathing to somebody else and hope that they will not screw up. Marketing is the one that will bring you exposure, leads, appointments, your initial consultations, report of findings, new clients and MONEY. If you let go of the marketing, you’re basically abdicating the control of your breathing, of your lifeblood, your cash flow.

    Two things you should never let go of: your check book and  your marketing. Money out and money in.


    Second question: A lot of people think of marketing as being sleazy or douche bag-y and sales-y.


    It is. For most people it totally is… because they do it wrong.

    How do you do it correctly to be not sleazy?

    If you do it this way, you’ll get a couple of benefits.

    1. It won’t be sleazy, which you’ll feel comfortable with.

    2. People actually respond to it because most of us will try to ignore the sleazy stuff. You’ll feel better. They’ll feel better. You’ll get better results.

    Nobody likes to be insulted but everybody loves to learn how to make a great decision. If you think about any time your service is risky, unknown or expensive in the mind of your prospect, people are scared to take the risk. Your marketing should help make it feel easy and safe and educate people to buy what you sell. So instead of doing offer-based advertising, we should use education-based marketing. In education-based marketing, you teach people what they need to know, what to look for and what to look out for the specific problems they got.

    When you do that, you are educating the market (which is your role as a wellness leader) and people get put into a position where they know enough how to make a great choice. Education-based marketing, typically when you do it right, TWO TIMES more leads and a hundred times more leads just by being the wellness leader/educator in your marketplace.  Be their trusted advisor.

    That is why Taki Moore is my Jedi. He is my Yoda. That is why he is one of the top mentors within Drive Your Practice.

    He’ll be speaking at the Nitro Intensive Event, so for those guys who are Nitro members, you’re going to spend half a day to really smash out your  marketing ideas and everything else.

    If you’re not a Nitro member, you got to check out Drive Your Practice and apply.

    Take care!