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  1. Episode 26: Legends of the Game and Turning Pro

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    Now, I wanna say I’m actually in awe at the moment if you can look around me. I’m actually at the New Port Sports Museum. I’m actually been in New Port Beach and just finished speaking antisieses and I was looking for things to do in New Port Beach and found this place. Unfortunately, it closed down three weeks ago and the lady here who was nice enough to show me the inside and I’m just surrounded by amazing greatness from golf to Olympics to hockey .

    I mean, these are the guys that I grew up with. It’s just amazing stuff and you got all these amazing footballs from the NFL. Unfortunately, the baseball collection has already been closed and for those know who I am, you know that the 49ers are my favorite. It’s just actually incredible here. I’m just in awe to see all these amazing collection.

    This is a one man’s collection. It’s actually was for free for anybody who wanted to come. And what’s incredible about it is that he has been collecting all of these for years, and there’s like rooms and rooms for all of these stuff. There is a full-sized basketball court in here. These sports stars are legends. Legends for us to watch. And I think you know that in Chiropractic,  we often forget people who brought us here. These guys have changed the way the game is played. Whether it’s been hockey, baseball, boxing, basketball. Whatever it is, they changed. They were legends in their sport.

    And there’s lot of legends within Chiropractic. You know the people who have changed the way we practice. And I think it’s important to recognize that change. Recognize the contribution.

    Number two is that I think it’s encouragement. Encouragement for us to step up, for us to be the next person. For us to be the next Chiropractor to really create a legacy that would change Chiropractic. Let’s lift the game. Help everybody turn pro and  we will serve more people, serve more lives. We can create a better community in your community. And everybody is gonna win.

    And I think the reason why I’m shooting this video is because I wanted you to be among greatness. I get inspired by being here. That’s why I love surrounding myself with these types of people. That’s because they create an energy.They were the best of the best. And I think you can be the best of the best in chiropractic. And in your community, you need to step up because I know that the profession needs you.

    So, I hope this video helps you in some way. Help motivate you to step up in your lane.

    I’m coming to a one day seminar and major cities in Australia. The event is called Practice Like A Pro. It’s about taking the next step in your career. And I hope you join me in this one day seminar.

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  2. Episode 25: Chiropractic Case Study – Tripled his retention and patient results

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