The Real World


Last week, I travelled to Ireland for a transformational week called “Bravesoul”.

It was a tough week… Mentally and emotionally.

A week where I was completely unplugged and off the grid – no internet, no emails, no Facebook, no TV and no connections to the “outside” world.

When you begin to remove yourself from these “normal activities”, you start to realise how much time we spend using these very things to keep “busy” and more importantly distract yourself from yourself!

Once removed, there is only one thing to do: Explore the depths of yourself.

When there is stillness, you start to explore.

When the right questions stimulate you, you begin to answer.

You dive deep into your subconscious, your emotions, and the “younger” version of yourself that you have hidden away for so many years ago.

You begin to connect the dots of your life. Connecting the Past to your present and projecting into your possible future.

All of this occurred not because I was in Ireland (although the magical place of County Clare helps), but because of the PEOPLE.

I am forever grateful for Philip Mckernan for creating the SPACE and curating a group of individuals who all played

FULL OUT and LEANED IN. People who created an environment that allowed vulnerability, support , and conversations that stimulate and create growth.

There was a thought of HOW I was going to integrate back into the “Real World”… and then I remember one of the key lessons from the week:

This is the REAL WORLD. I am living in it. Every day, every moment, and thanks for being part of it.