Every pursuit worth pursuing will eventually hit a WALL.

You hit it hard.

You kick it. Scream at it. Push it. Pull it. Slam it. Curse it.

Scale it. Climb it. Go around it. And even Meditate on it.

But the Wall stands still.

Sometimes it is worth taking a STEP BACK.

Regain your energy. Regain your perceptive.

The Wall is not going anywhere.

But neither are YOU. You will be BACK to face that Wall again.

Stronger, Smarter, and Stealthier.

This time you bring your “A” Team. Your Navy Seal Team. Your Wolf Pack.

And this time that f%*&ing wall doesn’t stand a chance.

Take this time to STEP BACK. The Wall isn’t going anywhere.

We have your back. We will meet you back at the WALL…

Rest up. We will see you soon… at the Wall.