The Week I saw 400

I saw 400 patients in one week… (over 3.5 days / 2 closed adjusting rooms)

I hated it.

Don’t get me wrong… it was a great feeling at the end of it.
But I knew I never wanted to do that again.

Hitting a “number” was nice.
But it wasn’t what I thought.

I was exhausted. Broken… physically and mentally.
And to be honest… I wasn’t at my best.

When you are chasing success, you need to…

Need to know your limits.
Need to know what you like and dislike.
Need to know what makes you happy.

I am not suggesting that it’s wrong to see 400, 600 or 1000 / wk.
It wasn’t for me.

At that moment, I recognised that I need to find my own “success”… not let others’ definition of “success” define me.

Stop following others’ expectation of what success is.
Stop chasing a number because of “Ego”.

Do it because you want to.
Do it because it feeds your soul.
Do it because it creates the impact you want to leave.

On the flip side…
Be careful that you are not selling yourself short.
Be careful that you are not just using the limits as your excuse for going after it.

There is a fine line… but that’s for you figure out where to draw it.

It’s your life.

Your soul will know whether you are cheating on yourself.

It will know whether you are living up to your standards.

It’s your standards. Ignore everyone else’s.

Stay in your lane.