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Who are We? A community of practitioners and likeminded individuals dedicated to your success.

Why did we create The Wellness Couch Club?

To help you put wellness into action.

That’s why we created The Wellness Couch Club.

  • FREE tickets to live wellness events throughout the year
  • Immediate access to an online group moderated by our experts – a forum for your questions
  • Monthly wellness webinars
  • A monthly magazine filled with cutting-edge articles and clinical advice
  • Members-only event offers & discounts

Stop floundering in a sea of conflicting theories. Get on board with experts who will guide you, help you end the confusion and become your mentors.

  • Would you like FREE tickets to some of the hottest live wellness events throughout the year?
  • Do you want immediate access to an online group moderated by our experts – a forum for your questions?
  • Could you benefit from monthly wellness webinars to keep you on track?
  • A monthly magazine filled with cutting-edge articles and clinical advice?
  • Are you interested in members-only event offers & discounts?

What people are saying about the Club:

Am so loving being part of the Wellness Couch Club! - to have your questions answered directly from these experts is invaluable. The challenges really keep me focused on my Wellness goals and the support from other members is an added bonus. I can’t wait to check in each morning and get my fill of wellness information and incentives. Loving it!


I love sharing in The Wellness Couch Club with the like minded members, each of us at different stages of our own wellness journey. The advice, motivation and challenges provided by the Wellness Couch Guys and the amazing inspiration and encouragement of Catie and and the other Couch Club members is invaluable to help keep me challenged, motivated and on track.


We’re a bunch of wellness FANATICS. And we’ve formed the ultimate team to offer you a remarkably holistic experience.
We represent:

  • Chiropractic – health for the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems
  • Naturopathy – nutritional, herbal, lifestyle & alternative medicine
  • Functional Movement – natural, whole-body fitness
  • International Speakers – presenters, coaches and confidence experts
  • Business Coaching – helping you work smarter, not harder
  • Production & Media expertise – behind the scenes of marketing & business
  • Longevity Specialists – live to 150, in style!
  • Personal Development Coaching – smart strategies to implement lifelong wellness

As you can see, there’s a tonne of fodder for conversation.
We’re confident we can assist you in all aspects of your wellness journey.

Dr. Laurence Tham

Dr. Brett Hill

Dr. Damian Kristof

Marcus Pearce

The brains behind the wildly popular Wellness Couch podcast & website, and industry professionals. Their mission is to get you informed, excited & inspired – with the tools to become your best self.

Don’t bother clicking below if you’re:

  • Not interested in self-improvement
  • Dislike interaction & engagement
  • Aren’t up for a challenge
  • Don’t want to be held accountable
  • Have no desire to meet new & likeminded people
  • Aren’t interested in preventative medicine
  • Don’t have an open mind
  • Hate attending live events and seminars
  • Don’t want to get to know the voices from your favourite wellness podcasts & websites, personally

‘Can’t’ usually means ‘won’t’. That’s fine by us - we are interested in helping enthusiastic, committed individuals.

If you’re super excited to join but not sure if you can fork out the total sum, don’t worry. We have you covered with a monthly installment plan that will fit neatly into your budget. And with private access to experts and practical advice, it’s likely you’ll be spending less on seeking it elsewhere - and on products, supplements and activities that aren’t serving you.

For just $79 per month, you’ll receive:

  • Four live events featuring expert industry speakers (valued at $295 each)
  • 12 x monthly webinars (valued at $49 each)
  • Exclusive access to Facebook Mastermind Group moderated by our experts.
  • Member-only event offers and discounts (hundred’s of dollars value)
  • Monthly newsletter (valued at $97)

Total value: $2000 +

We keep places limited to provide an intimate learning environment – secure your spot today.