These things happens…

Woke up at 3:40am this morning to catch a flight to Gold Coast to attend a workshop.

At 5:40am, while waiting to board my flight…
The broadcast over the loudspeaker shouts: “JQ400 6:10am to Gold Coast has now been cancelled due to fog… please head over to Check-in to rebook your flights”…

You can imagine the scene of hundreds of people (school holidays here in Australia) from all Jetstar flights this morning cancelled rushing to the Check-in desk to try and rebook their flights.

These things happens.

It happens in life. And it happens in business.

You can be disappointed… but you can’t get angry.

Being ANGRY 😡 will won’t change the STATUS on the cancellation on the board. It is what it is.

Only thing to do is ask “What is within MY control? And what ACTIONS STEPS can I do to make this situation better”.

So I called Qantas Premium Customer Service while walking back to the Check-in.

And by the time I walked to the CHECK IN area where hundreds of frustrated people lined up trying to rebook their flights… Qantas booked me on another flight to Brisbane at 7am. (It’s not exactly where I needed to go, but it’s close enough to get me to the workshop.)

As a Platinum member, they made it happened. No extra costs. No hassle. They focused on getting me the result I wanted.

In practice, these things happen. Things you don’t expect. Things that DERAIL you and take you OFF TRACK.

But the GOAL doesn’t change.

You might be a little late, or you might have to take a different path to get there…

But the point is getting there.

But that’s why having “ACCESS” to a Coach or Mentor is so important. They help guide you BACK ON track.

I have my coaches (3 of them in various areas of my life) on “Speed Dial” for this very reason. They are there when I need them.

I pay to have that privilege. Because I don’t want to waste any unnecessary time being OFF track.