This is a sight of PAIN 😓

It’s never easy to train when you are in holidays.
It’s never easy to get back into it.
It’s never easy to keep going.

What’s easy is say to yourself…”tomorrow”.

But I know the longer I wait… the harder the journey will be.

Dreaming is easy.
Wanting is easy.
Knowing what to do is also easy.

What’s hard is ignoring the “inner” voice.

There is something you want to do, a goal you want to achieve… here’s what I would do…
1. Start it today.
2. Keep each step small.
3. Find a way to keep doing it when it gets hard.

No matter where you in life or business.

Today is a good time to start…

(Today’s self imposed WOD:
250m Row
DB cleans
DB thrusters)