When it is ok to STEAL…

If you have ever been to a typical Chiropractic conference or seminar… it’s usually the SAME.

Same speakers. Same Topics.

Sameness won’t grow you. It only keeps you… well, the SAME.

It creates a “SILO EFFECT”.

We become insular. Our ideas becomes stale. And our growth grinds to a halt.

In this fast pace world, you can’t be “learning” the same thing over and over again. It requires “outside the box” thinking… in addition to the BEST PRACTICES within our profession.

If Chiropractic is to “evolve”, we must learn to STAY AHEAD…

Learn from the BEST from other industries… CROSS pollinate vs. insulate.

You want more referrals…then find out how the best BRANDS get their ambassadors to spread the word.

You want more NPs… you look at how STARTUPS companies create their client acquisitions.

You want to create a better client experiences… observe and model industries like restaurants and hotels.

Most Chiropractors I work with have develop mastery at what they do. What they want now is to learn how to “round” out their repertoire.

This is why I typically invite “non-chiropractors” to speak at my Nitro Intensives… “experts” who are marketers, entrepreneurs, and business developers.

Because they are the BEST of the BEST in their field.

They provide their industries’ “BEST Practices” and help us apply it in our world.

A few weeks ago, our Nitro clients in Europe were exposed to my good friend Howard Kingston (Founder of 3 Start-up companies) who taught us the power of REFERRALS. We learn the ONE strategy that took his first “APP” company from 30K users to 20 Million users!!!

Last week, we had another friend of mine Tahani Aburaneh who started her life in a refugee camp, married at 15 years of age and worked to raise two amazing kids while building 5 companies ranging from 6,7 and 8 figure businesses. She taught us the power of decision making and putting customers first.

It’s the ONE thing I have focused on in the last 15 years… to “STAY RELEVANT” by learning from the best.

You might think other industries are NOT like us. They don’t do what we do. They don’t have the same rules or restrictions as we do.

Then you would be wrong.

Stop looking at their EXECUTIONS (how they do it). Look at their STRATEGIES.

That is the “difference” maker for me. The ability to TRANSLATE another industries’ success and learn to applying to your own.

That’s where I come in for my clients. I am their “TRANSLATOR”.

I take the ideas from other industries / experts and STEAL (translate) them to apply it to my client’s practices.

That’s how you stay ahead. That’s how you stay relevant.

P.S. I am NOT encouraging you to “steal” ideas. Merely to “borrow”. But always (and I mean ALWAYS)… give attribution to people / person who created the origin of the idea. It’s never looks good when you are claiming something that isn’t yours. Take the idea… and make it BETTER.