When you struggle…

A few months ago, I was struggling. Mentally. I felt I was lost, confused 🤷‍♂️, unfocused, and had no sense of direction.

It was unlike me. And I recognised that I can’t rescue myself… and it was going to FIX itself without guidance. So I took action… and reached out to an old friend, a former mentor and my original co-host of Inside the Champion’s Mind podcast… Jeff Spencer.

Jeff has worked with the best of the best. Over 40 World 🌍 Class Athletes, top performers and achievers (and a former Olympian himself!). This wasn’t a matter of finding a better strategy or tactic… it was about dealing with the battle of my HUMAN mind.

I caught up with Jeff when I was in LA in late Jan and here are some highlights from that FB Live conversation…

– How do Champions see around the corner for the problems ahead
– Why is a “cornerman” so important
– How do champions make decisions