Why No One ☝️ is taking up your “Free” Offers


We have to stop marketing like it is 2013.

Chiropractic is NOT a commodity.

Your offers of “Buy this NOW” or “Buy this at a discount” is NOT working. It’s not attracting the clients you want in your practice.

People know this right? But they do it anyways. Why?

Because they don’t know of any other way.

Think about this…

When is the last time you INVESTED in something worth over $1000 that you just bought without any due diligence or adequately investigated?
(e.g. A Financial Consultant, accountant, a Coach, even a hotel or a car…?)

Probably never.

What would you have done instead?

You would have:
1. Checked out their websites
2. Watched their videos, read their blogs, looked at all their pictures, read their reviews, stalked their FB profiles etc…
3. Ask friends about this person, talk to them or meet them in person

…BEFORE you even consider investing in or purchasing something from them.

Why? Because of TRUST.

Marketing is NOT about selling. Marketing is EDUCATING someone closer to a “buying” decision.

In today’s world, you need to build a “runway” of trust before asking for permission to sell to them. You need a “runway” of STREET CRED.

Street Cred gives you credibility over your competition. It gets you legitimacy. It provides you TRUST.

You can’t BUY that. You have to EARN it.

You EARN it by sharing your BEST stuff. You earn it by telling me something useful. You earn it by educating me or helping me move closer to my goal.

Stop “discounting” yourself and start POSITIONING yourself.

P.S. You might be thinking… this is “hard” work. I believe STRUGGLING in practice is hard work! It’s only hard work when you don’t know HOW.

I can show you. You just need to ask how I might be able to help… it’s what I teach my clients every day… ALIGN and AMPLIFY.

You can ask me here: https://calendly.com/laurencetham/right-fit