Will this make the BOAT go faster?

In the year 2000 at the Sydney Olympics, something magical happened…

At 10:30am , 24th September, 2000 in the Men’s Rowing 8 Event, teams from all around the world were at the starting line competing to be the best in the world.

Like any other sporting event, we watch in anticipation and excitement as each team fights their way to be first across the finish line…

What we never see, however, is the WORK, EFFORT, SACRIFICE, TIME, DiSCIPLINE and ACTIONS that lead these teams to be on the starting line in the first place. We watch a 5 and a half min race without really looking at the YEARS of effort that got them there.

Two years prior to this moment, the Great Britain Men’s Rowing Team were marginally successful at best in the previous 5 years… so they looked at each other and made a DECISION.

That decision was to accept that they are just not as good as the rest of the world… OR they are.

And from that moment on, they COMMITTED themselves for the next 2 years to WORK together as a team in EVERYTHING they do.

The fundamental question they asked themselves before anyone of them did anything was… “Will this make the boat go faster?”

– Will rowing for 20 Km today make the boat go faster?
– Will going to the movies tonight make the boat go faster?
– Will drinking this beer make the boat go faster?

And if the answer was YES – they did it. And if the answer was NO – they didn’t. Simple as that.

On 24th September – the British Rowing Team surprised everyone by winning the GOLD medal beating the Australian team on their home turf.

You say you want to be more successful, more influential, more impactful, help more people, change the world…

Ask yourself every hour… “Will this make the boat go FASTER?”

– Will arguing with someone who will never change their mind “make the boat go faster”?
– Will feeling sorry for yourself “make the boat go faster?”
– Will investing in myself “make the boat go faster?”
– Will starting this project “make the boat go faster?”

Everyone makes hundreds of decisions each day… the successful ones just make better ones – CONSISTENTLY and CONTINUOUSLY.

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