Winning the 1%

The first question I ask on all my calls with my clients is:

“What are your WINS since that last time we spoke?”

On this particular call last week, one of my clients was thinking about this question for a bit, named a few significant “wins” and then proceeds to say nonchalantly… “Oh!… I saw 300 pts/wk last week and on pace again this week.”

Um… ok! Why didn’t you lead with that!?!

To fully appreciate this… you have to know that he was seeing a low of 180 pts/wk about 8 weeks ago. 180 to 300 in 8 weeks with little or no marketing. (That’s 167% growth…).

Because these are just numbers to us. We don’t chase “numbers” in Nitro. The growth in practice is NOT the only thing my clients seek… it’s the growth in themselves that we are after. The numbers take care of themselves when we focus on Mindset, Service, Strategy and Experience. The rest will follow.

I know what you are going to ask… how did he do it? What did he do?

He accomplished this without any significant marketing or special promotions. So if you are looking for “tactics”… you would be disappointed.

Too many people are chasing the “next” tactic. They are spending too much time on the “next” thing without BEING PATIENT. They are giving up too quickly and looking for a quick score.

Long-term growth doesn’t happen that way.

Here’s what you need to take away from his success…
1. It’s never about ONE thing…. it’s about everything you do. The little things. The 1%. Doing all of those 1% makes an incremental impact in every aspect of your business. He asked for more referrals, improve CA communications, improves systems etc.)…

2. Time Frame – we often look at what someone does in a particular time frame (in this case 8 weeks). That would be inaccurate. It is what my client and his team started to do BEFORE the growth period. It was the 8-12 weeks (or more) BEFORE the growth period that got him there. Focus on the work… and the results will come.

3. Team Effort – one of the most significant factors in this transformation was “letting go”. In his case, he let go of an associate 3 months ago that wasn’t the right fit to the practice and recognising that he had to fix the “culture” of his team. He organised an “offsite” team meeting for a day and refocused, reset, and reposition their vision. This is the result of that decision. It provided greater CLARITY and focus.

4. ACTION – My client is quiet and humble. He made a decision and put his head down and just WORKED. He is also a family man with kids, so it’s more about working effectively and efficiently with the time he has got. He focused on SERVICE and focused on ACTIONS he had to take. He wasn’t distracted by what was happening around him, he focused on what was in front of him.

In our Nitro Tribe, we often share WINS (Personal and Professional) like this weekly. We celebrate quietly within our community…because we are all aiming to achieve something greater within ourselves which is BEING the BETTER VERSION of ourselves.

If you are ready to PLAY at a higher level… let‘ s talk.

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