Your EGO is in the Way of Growth

I sprained my ankle… (and so did my son two days later!)

Mine was only a mild sprain. His was more severe.

Pain is one thing 😞… RECOVERY is much harder.

Walking, running 🏃🏻‍♂️ and squatting…these are things you take for granted until they are gone.

Learning how to rebuilt these muscles 💪, regain the proprioceptions and mobility takes TIME.

You almost feel like you need to start from scratch.

This is no different in practice… the game has changed. The market has shifted.

But have you?

Are you willing to be a “perpetual learner” and let go of the “ego” that I have been in practice for “X years”… and allow yourself to

….yourself ?

Some are new skills (Eg Facebook, social media, digital communications, videos marketing etc) and some are updating old skills (Eg. Presentations, leadership management, etc).

Don’t let your EGO get in the way. Be humble enough to know that you are not a MASTER at everything… and there are plenty of growth to be had if you choose to be a “perpetual learner”.