Insights + Implementation = Fire

Ideas are free

We all have them or you can search for them on Google.

INSIGHTS are different.

Insights require collision.

Collision…. happen when you smash multiple ideas together.

This can accelerate when you put PEOPLE together… we call this MASTERMINDING.

But INSIGHT is only the SPARK.

They don’t produce much by itself.

It requires IMPLEMENTATION. Implementation is the fuel. It’s the gasoline ⛽️ that creates success.

Too many people are searching for ideas. (It’s FREE, and it’s cheap).

What you need is a “SPARK” ⚡️ (created by collisions) fuelled with gasoline (produced by the implementation).

Sparks require your ou to implement beyond your inner fears.

We all have them (fear).

The “successful” ones are the ones who implement FASTER than their “fears”.

That’s the path to success.

Remember nothing comes for free.

Everything has a cost.

Are you willing to INVEST in it?