Monkey Play

This was my weekend…

Building a gym playground for the kids (and me 🙂…)

I am not handy… at all.

In fact, I usually outsource this to a professional like “Hire a Hubby”… but not this time.

I had to prove myself that I can be that DAD. That dad who could built stuff for their kids. Or have fun trying.

Along the way, I learn some valuable lessons that is applicable to building a practice…

Here are some highlights…
1. “Everyone has a plan until you get punched 🤜 in the face.” Mike Tyson…. this was suppose to take 2-3 hours. It took 6.5 hours. Couple of simple mistakes became costly and unexpected. But it happens. You might have all the instructions to follow to grow your business, but it almost never falls a straight line.

2. Piece by Piece. The only way to built this structure was one piece at a time and one bolt at a time. You can’t skip a step, nor was there a shortcut. One piece at a time. This is the same in business. There may be smart cuts to success, but you still need to build it one piece at a time.

3. Fine Tuning. Once the structure is completed from top to bottom, you now need to go to each screw and bolt to ensure they are securely tighten. You need also make minor adjustments (up/down/left/right) to ensure the entire structure is balanced and secured. This takes a lot of trial and error and having the kids jump on to create a “stress” test. In business, nothing is ever complete. There is always room for improvement. This is the 1% rule. Focus to continually improve every aspects of your business by 1%… this is how you build a stronger and more robust business.

I succeeded (eventually).

I took longer than I thought and more difficult than I imagined.

But the lessons I learned was worth it.

(And the payoff of watching the kids happily playing on the monkey bars were pretty special too 🙂 )